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Zosia Mackenzie is a Production Designer based in Toronto, Canada.

Her credits include the feature films “Come To Daddy” (Tribeca Film Festival, 2019), “Giant Little Ones” (TIFF, 2018), “State Like Sleep” (Tribeca Film Festival, 2018), “Mobile Homes” (Quinzane des Realisateurs, Cannes 2017), “Tomato Red” (Dublin International Film Festival, 2017), “Mean Dreams” (Quinzane des Realisateurs, Cannes 2016), “The People Garden” (Buenos Aires Film Festival, 2016), and “Guidance” (TIFF, 2015).

Her most recent projects, “Castle In The Ground” and “The Silencing”, are currently in post-production.

Zosia holds a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University (2010).